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Brescia is the city of the big metalurgic industry (steel, precision engineering) and is located between the flat land and the Prealps: it is modern, vast and
offers unexpected and precious old monuments and artistic collections. Its beauty is unique, with antithetical elements, that seem here to correspond:
the antiquity of the Roman Forum and the atmosphere of the historical centre, the Lombard face and the testimony of 300 years of Venetian rule.


Sure, Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet... The visit to the famous balcony could also be an occasion to see more: art, history, music, theatre, tasty wines,
traditional dishes and more. Let yourself transport by an exceptional guide through all city wonders ..and Verona will tell you all about itself.


«A city with the form of a palace»: this successful synthesis by Baldassarre Castiglioni gives us a better idea of the charm and of the attractions of Mantua.
Small and well-designed, it is firstly an original mixture of history and art. The city attracts attention especially as a casket full of art-treasures, where
famous artists of the past coming from different places in the world put their precious works: the names of Mantegna, Pisanello, Giulio Romano, Leon Battista
Alberti are enough to evocate other artists, painters, urbanists, who increased the self-evident cultural dignity of the city. Each of them has left his lasting
memory, which can be admired with wonder by the visitors. A very old city, which has its origins in the Etruscan Age and reached its splendor during the Communal
Period and especially during the long domination of the Gonzaga (1328-1707). The Palazzo Bonacolsi, the Palazzo del Podestà, the Palazzo della Ragione and the
churches of San Lorenzo (the “Rotonda”) and of the Gradaro date back to the Communal Period and to the short period of rule of the Bonacolsi. The symbol of the
rule of the Gonzaga is the Palazzo Ducale, one of the biggest and elaborated royal palaces in Italy: it has roughly 500 rooms and halls with various squares,
courtyards and gardens.


The city of Venice needs no presentation and it's considered as the treasure of Italy, with its history, culture and beautiful landscape. The city is composed by
various little islands: you can discover their secrets by reaching them by ferry. This magical lagoon is unique in its genre and is just waiting to be visited.
Venice can be easily reached both by train or by car.