Camper Park Sirmione Area Sosta Camper Sirmione Lugana Marina
Pictoresque views, unforgettable panoramas, various flower varieties, and all in an area of 600.000 m2: it seems the description of a corner of paradise, but in
fact it is closer as we can think. The Park Garden Sigurtà is located a stone's throw from the Lake Garda: it is a perfect fusion of a park (that is to say a
wooded area with tall trees) and a garden (an area circumscribed by flowerbeds with cultivations of ornamental flowers and plants). Bought 1941 by the
Doctor Carlo Sigurtà, the Park was opened for the first time to the public on 19th March 1978: since that time this natural oasis has attracted thousands of
visitors (and famous guests such as Nobel Prizes and State authorities) and has been defined by famous international botanists as one of the most extraordinary
gardens in the whole world. The five Great Flowerings (tulips, irises, roses, water-lilies and asters), the Great Oak, the Hermitage, the 18 Water Gardens, the
Medicinal Herb Gardens, the Great Lawn, are just some of the natural attractions of the Park...what are you waiting for? Come and visit this unique wonder of the