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Movieland Park (Canevaworld Resort Group) rose in the 80s and it has often been restored until it took the actual form as a touristic restort (280,000 m2);
it is divided into three different areas, each of them dedicated to the world of cinema: two amusement parks, unique in Italy in its genre, and an area for the
shows and restaurants, for a total of more than 40 attractions. In the theme park Movieland Studios you can experience the emotions of the most famous movies and
meet characters such as Rambo, Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider adventure, Zorro and Terminator. In the water park Movieland Aquastudios you can have fun with
various water-attractions in the atmosphere of a real movie set; you can see the big volcano of the movie set in Los Angeles, you can meet the Pirates of the
Caribbean and the girls of Baywatch. A short walk from the parks there's Movieland Festival, an area with two very important locals: Rock Star Restaurant,
inspired to the famous American Hard Rock Cafè, where you can eat a lot at a fixed price; Medieval Time, a restaurant where you can attend a real captivating
medieval show and have dinner sitting on the stand and side with your favourite knight.