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The Animal Park has to be visited on foot and gives hospitality to various species of animals coming from the five continents of the world; most of them are
unfortunately dying out in their habitat. The Park takes part to many international projects for the breeding and safeguard of many rare animals. You can admire
the following representative animals: the Amur Tiger, the Maned Wolf, the Spectacled Bear, the Madagascar Lemurs and the Snow Leopard. Since 2009 it is the first
park in Italy to give hospitality to the Fossa, the only predator of the Madagascar Lemurs. All animals are given hospitality in large departments: they were
planned by experts to reproduce the natural habitat of each species. The Natura Viva Park is a member of the most important world organizations for the safeguard
of endangered animal species. In Italy it gives hospitality to the animals sequestered by the Forest Rangers. Furthermore there are many international projects
supported by the Park, which are a concrete help for the safeguard of a lot of species: for example the habitat reinstatement of the European bison, of the
White-backed Vulture and of the Hermit Ibis. The entrance ticket is also a contribution to the developement of new projects for the safeguard of endangered animal
species. The Natura Viva Park is located a few kilometres away from the Lake Garda and 18 kilometres from Verona. That animal-oasis rose on the gentle Moreniche
hills and in the middle of their oakwoods. As a modern centre for the safeguard of endangered animals, it has more than 1500 animals belonging to 280 different
species. Since 2010 it is possible to visit the new section: Sentieri d'Africa [African Paths].


The Safari Park can be visited in your own vehicle (car, caravan, coach or double coach) as in an exciting African safari. Only a few steps away from the window,
you can admire on your route herds of herbivores such as elegant giraffes, graceful zebras or antelopes. You can safely watch lions relaxing under the trees or
running after each other or surprising cheetahs. Hippos and rhinos, exotic and aboriginal birds live together in harmony. From 2010 the park has welcomed a new
fascinating African carnivore: the hyaena.